Depression is an intensely personal experience. Despite the thousands of people who experience depression, it can feel overwhelming lonely (even if you have family, friends, co-workers, etc. who care). Many times, those who care do not understand what you are going through, and unknowingly, can cause more harm that good.

I’ve experienced depression for what seems like my entire life. Depression came and went in painful bursts and it was in 2001 that I had my first long-term bout of depression that lasted 6 months. I worked hard to “deal with it”, and through a lot searching, grew into a new, self-aware person. I had purpose and drive and consumed life with both hands.

Then in 2009, depression re-emerged with a fury, and seems hell-bent on sticking around for a while. This bout has kick-started what I call my collapse (in a future post I will detail what lead up to this collapse and what I experienced). It has only been now, 12 months later, that I am able to commit myself to actively work on what I call my “core wound”, so I decided to document this journey with this blog.

I am not writing this blog to get pity, or wallow in my sorrow. My intent is to share my journey of healing so that someone else may feel a sense of being understood, or gain another perspective.


2 thoughts on “Introduction

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  1. M, you are beautiful and wonderful, and I wish you all peace and happiness. I know you can make it through this and be an inspiration to others. *hugs*

  2. As if I didn’t already love you, I love you even more for being so open, so honest. I’m honored that you’ve chosen to share what you are going through with a few people and that I am among them. ❤

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