It’s official

It’s official. My BabyGrrrl is now living with my dad. Last Friday I met my brother who drove him to my dad’s house 3 hours away. The days leading up to then, I had a hard time deciding what to do. When she is about to go visit my dad I usually spend a lot of time with her, but this time, I just found it too painful. She would look at me with her big brown eyes and wag her tail and it would kill me. She had no idea what was about to happen and I felt like I was betraying her trust and loyalty to me.

Why did I make this decision? First, she is really protective of me. She bites people who come visit and despite going through many trainings and trainers, she only became worse over time. I know it’s my fault and I have no idea how to correct it anymore. Second, I have to move in November to a room share situation and she will not accept most other dogs or other people. She becomes overly aggressive.Not to mention the fact that finding a place that even accepts pets is difficult and expensive.

My dad loves her and she loves my dad. She’s not protective of him like she is me and at least she gets have a large yard and gets to be with his dogs which she does get along with. This does not make it easy though as I’m still not used to the idea of her not being with me. We’ve been together for the last 9 years.

I wake up in the morning and habitually look over the side of the bed to see if she’s there for the morning pat on the head. When I’m in the kitchen and something falls on the floor I expect to see her sniffing the ground beneath me. When I sneeze I expect o say “Sorry Baby” as she always was startled when I sneezed. When I come home I expect to see her jumping up and down and run in circles yip-yapping and wagging her tail frantically. I try not to think that I will never live with her again, because who knows, maybe things will change. I do know that I miss her and feel absolutely horrible at having made this choice.


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