The Four Noble Truths

At meditation last night there was a Dharma talk on The Four Noble Truths which was so appropriate for me (actually, just about every Dharma talk is appropriate for my life’s situation). I thought I’d share them here.

The Four Noble Truths

  • The Existence of Impermanence (Dukkha)

Well nothing lasts forever right? NOTHING! To understand this is a step into to not being attached to anything. When I first heard this in my 20’s it felt so liberating. Now it’s sad sometimes. When I experience moments of happiness I try to enjoy them, and be in them, while they are here. In moments of struggle or sadness, it is so hard for me believe that “this too shall pass” and loosen up on myself. That’s depression for ya’.

  • The Arising of Suffering Because of Craving (Samudaya)

Craving (a state of being, a substance, etc) puts us in a state of confusing reality with out perception of reality and results in the cause of suffering. This is big for me right now. Really big. I crave for things to be different than they are so badly and yes, I am suffering because of it. How unAmerican!

  • The Cessation of Suffering (Nirodha)

You can end suffering my not craving. Simple. But not so. I can feel how tightly I am grasping onto my idea of how things should be in my life. When do I act and when do I let go?? I mean, my life is one huge country song right now (lost my dog, my apartment, my position at work) so YES I do want things to be different, but they are not. I keep trying to remind myself, this is temporary, this will pass.

  • The Middle Way or The Eightfold Path (Magga)

You can end craving by living the ideals of the Noble Eightfold Path. It’s gonna take a while for me to go through those. I do practice some of those things, so it’s good to know I have some element of it in my life.


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