Well I’m settled in enough and finally connected to the internet again. I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks since I moved in. Really?? It feels like so much longer.

It has been really difficult to be living here and back at work. I’m struggling with not feeling like a sap, looser, etc. Although I no longer want to work with clients, it’s hard seeing my co-workers come and go throughout the day as they see theirs and I sit on my ass, all-day, doing mostly nothing. It’s excruciating really.

Living with my sister in my hometown is difficult to accept. She is a border-line hoarder and she triggers a lot of my emotional issues. I disagree with just about everything she does and says. But I’m trying to create my own space.

I do get to go back to the town I love about 2-3 times a week for counseling appointments and ACA meetings. And yesterday I was there all day for a day-long meditation and potluck. Although I enjoy it, it’s bittersweet. Oh how I want these next 14 months to go by so fast.

Oh and that biopsy, for the most part, resulted in things being okay. It’s mostly monitoring for now.


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