The Enneagram

There are several personality tests out there, and I’ve taken many of them. Some I’ve discarded, some I find entertaining, and a select few are able to not only describe me, but help me, as well. The Enneagram happens to be the latter.

A few months back, my therapist suggested that I read into the Enneagram and test to see what personality type I am. I had seen the Enneagram before, but never looked into it as it seemed too complicated. Out of curiosity I purchased the book “The Essential Enneagram” as it was the least confusing (to me) of all the books on the subject. I tested myself and was a bit surprised at the accuracy of it.

It wasn’t until this week that I told my therapist that I even took the test and when I told her my result, she wasn’t surprised. “I kinda thought you were a 4” she said and went on to tell me how this helped shed more light on my reaction and interpretation to the world around me. For myself, it helped in that I didn’t feel alone in how I perceive things, and helps me to understand that there is nothing “wrong” with me.

I’m still new to the concept, but as far as I can see, the Enneagram is a personality test constructed of a 9 point diagram and has its roots in ancient wisdom. These 9 points are the 9 personalities types. We are born with one personality type and this type determines how we react and interpret childhood experiences, how we are raised, and life experiences. In the Enneagram, the basic personality types are fixed, but it also takes into account how we react in times of stress and happiness, so there is some fluidity. There are variants as well, but I’m not familiar with that aspect yet.

So if you are curious about your type there are two free tests on-line that are pretty good. In taking the tests, answer from how you are most of the time. For questions you don’t know how to answer, ask “how would others answer this question about me”?

The short test can be found at

The long test can be found at

Once you have your type, you can find a more detailed description of your type at Just click on your number for more information.

Have fun, and if you take it, let me know what you think.


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