Drift and Shift

This last week has been intense. I know I had been feeling off and very disconnected and instead of completely feeling like shit, I felt shitty but knew, and reminded myself, that I was at (what my therapist calls) an “edge”. I was at the edge of what I know and was growing into knowing something new. When that shift from what I knew to what I now am beginning to know happened it was strong enough to leave me feeling very loopy in dizzy.

What’s interesting is that this is not like being on one familiar island and then arriving on another unfamiliar island. It’s more the journey from one island to another and I am drifting in the water between them. It’s an eerie calm filled with a mix of joy, fear, anticipation, sadness, and peace.

I’ll go into the details of what this shift is exactly in my next post. I just wanted to touch base for now so that I don’t by-pass this important phase.

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