A Shitty Place

It seems to never end. A few weeks ago I received a summons as I am being sued. I have been working with a credit company to work with this account, but apparently, that wasn’t enough. When I received the summons I was still in a mental fog with the whole M situation and wasn’t sure what to do with it. Now that M is done, I looked at this summons and felt so overwhelmed at what needs to be done.

Do I answer? Do I not answer? Do I mediate? Isn’t that what I hired this company to do? Do I file bankruptcy? Everywhere I go and call seems to point me to the person I just spoke with. My anxiety was already cranked up due to the M situation, and it’s really been persistent since trying to deal with this lawsuit. I can’t afford a lawyer and I am totally alone in this. When my anxiety and depression hit, I feel shut down and I can’t concentrate or make sense of what I am reading. My ability to comprehend is reduced drastically.

So needless to stay I feel so confused, unable to take in any more information, and so incredible alone and cornered. Just as I felt like I was making some progress, along came M and along comes this lawsuit to throw me back. I am at such a loss right now that I can’t see any hope and I have no energy. This truly is a shitty place.

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