Cash Poor in Mind

It still amazes me that a program on financial prosperity is able to dig into deeply held stories and beliefs.

Last night I was at out Prosperity group and, as usual, it was so good to see and talk with this small group that has decided to look at learned beliefs together. We discussed the subject of scarcity. In our book, it is mentioned that holding the concept of scarcity at bay can prevent us from acting on our potential. Urgh, that’s a mind bender for me. As I scanned the subject in the book and listened to others in the group talk, my mind was firing off like the fourth of July

  • Most of my decisions have been made out of fear instead of out of love and empowerment. For example, my decision to go to college was based out of the fear of living in poverty for the rest of my life.
  • When making decisions out of fear, I am not in alignment with my authentic self, and therefore, yield results that perpetuate fear. Authentic action is not based out of fear.
  • I can choose between authentic action and Reaction (Automatic Action).
  • I can choose to give a situation loving attention instead of aversion. When I give a situation loving attention, I am embracing it so that it does not become a disowned part of me (shadow) and show up in twisted ways in my life.
  • My family story strongly identifies with poverty and overcoming poverty. This is a big one for me as I identified with this story as well. I was raised on stories of how poor my parents were as children and how hard they worked to overcome that by sacrificing their needs and wants. I was told by my father that it was up to me to be successful as I was the last one and no one else had achieved as much as him. I was lived from the belief that my family sacrificed in order for me to succeed, and if I did not succeed, then I have failed them and myself.
  • My family’s story taught me that I have to suffer in order to achieve abundance.
    I realized that their stories once fueled my determination to succeed in school, but that now these stories are a burden since I feel like I’ve failed (not working a job that I like, not using my education, being I debt, etc.)
  • I became aware that those who experienced poverty (mom, dad, sisters, brothers) had the option to financially “move up” or stay as is. By the time I came around my family had more financial stability and there was more potential for me to build off of. I had more freedom and this freedom scares the shit out me as I have no idea what to do with it. I have no role models in my family on what that looks like or what to do with it. Although I was brought up in a financially stable home, I was cash poor in my mind and spirit since I identified with all these stories of my family’s poverty.

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