I was at the re-parenting group on Saturday and we did a small exercise after our reading on inner child work. We were asked to choose a plush animal and let it “speak” to us.

I almost decided to pass on the exercise as I wasn’t feeling it, but when the pile of plush animals was placed on the table, I immediate was drawn to a multicolored chameleon.

I sat there with pen in hand, and looked at this little chameleon. I remembered what it was like being a little girl and how much I loved playing with plush animals. I preferred them over dolls or cars. It took a little while, and I had to relax a bit, but then I started to write down what can to me.

“I always change to fade in the background. Doing that protects me. I am more than that. You should see me when I am not afraid or needing protecting. I am vibrant and solid in color and you can see me for who all that I am. I see a lot. I see all around me. I can balance myself with my own tail.”


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