Beyond Perception

Sometimes I get a glimpse of what is. What is beyond my small perception of what is.

In 1993 my Psychology instructor introduced me to the understanding that “reality” as I know it is only based upon my biological make-up. I learned that the sky isn’t blue and grass isn’t green. It only is so to me because my biological make-up makes it so. If I were a fly, the sky and grass would look different. If I were a dog pile of shit would be an encyclopedia. None of our realities are wrong and all are valid.

A few years later, I was excited to see this same concept played out in the film “The Matrix”.


Now in the final months of 2011 I am revisiting a video interview with Louise Hay. I watched it several times today because I could feel my scope of understanding widening just a bit more. I get flashes of this understanding and know that as time goes by, these flashes will linger a bit more each time until it’s fully integrated.


What is coming together for me is a deeper understanding that everything exists and possibility is everywhere. It’s as real as the fact that wave lengths unseen by the human eye exists. I experienced this earlier this year when I was having major stress and anxiety with my legal problems. When I get that way I cannot think of what to do. I freeze up.

But I meditated with the concept of “possibility is everywhere” and having the clarity of mind to see the answers. I did this for weeks and through the process could feel myself slowly getting flashing of possibilities. I was finally able to hear options like “Call so and so” or “Ask this question of…”

The formula of: outer stimulus + biological stimulus of receiver = perceived reality of receiver, goes well beyond just what we see, hear, taste, touch and smell. It applies to everything else like what we believe, know, expect, feel internally, how we realty to others, how we handle situations, and so on.

What I’m saying is: I use to think that the whole “positive thinking” concept was about wishful thinking, God answering prayers when you are finally “good” and such. But what I am coming to understand is that everything is already present (“negative” and “positive”) and I will be able to see more of it as I begin to re-connect with the understanding that there is more than what I perceive.


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