The S/Heros Journey (Stages of Monomyth)

In drafting a post on the S/Heros Journey, I searched previous posts to find where I had already written about it. To my surprise, there weren’t any. I could have sworn I had written a whole post dedicated to it, but all I found was a post back in April 2011 what mentioned it briefly.

Strange. It’s been my running theme for this year and a theme that I’ve referenced back to repeatedly.

So, before I finish my original post on the topic, I’d like to dedicate this post to The S/Heros Journey.

It is a journey that has been made throughout indigenous cultures and heard in fairy tales and on the big screen. The basic concept is that of needing to leave your “tribe” to find yourself, slay that which gets in your way, and return home a more integrated person.  The journey continues upon return as the S/Hero grows into walking in both the inner and  outer worlds in balance and peace.

I’ve outlined “The Wizard of Oz” to this journey, and my own life. Take a look at the steps here, and see how you’ve been on the journey yourself.

The stages of the S/Heros Journey are as follows:

    1. The Call to Adventure
    1. Refusal of the Call
    2. Supernatural Aid
    3. The Crossing of the First Threshold
    4. The Belly of the Whale
    5. The Road of Trials
    6. The Meeting with the Goddess
    7. Woman as the Temptress
    8. Atonement with the Father
    9. Apotheosis
    10. The Ultimate Boon
    11. Refusal of the Return
    12. The Magic Flight
    13. Rescue from Without
    14. The Crossing of the Return Threshold
    15. Master of the Two Worlds
    16. Freedom to Live

For more details on the individual stages, please visit: “Heros Journey: Summary of Steps”


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