Writing and Healing: A New Journey Begins

This year is coming to its end, and like every year’s end, I get a bit anxious and sad. Maybe it’s the countdown, I dunno. Any sort of relief comes with Day 1 of the New Year. I get a feeling of hope and renewal. Funny how days on a calendar can invoke such feelings in me.

I like to brainstorm things I will do in the New Year, and for 2012, one thing I’m going to do is incorporating more art and creativity in my life. When I took a memoir writing class a few months back, I really found myself feeling energized by these new (to me) writing processes. I found it very healing as I made connections I hadn’t before. A few weeks later, I happened to come across this website for healing and writing.

So on January 1, 2012, I will embark on “One Year of Healing and Writing”. It will be an additional blog site that I will either post as a link in the Blog Roll, or add a page next to the “About” option. In this new blog, I will do the exercises from “Year at a Glance” and see where this journey tales me. Swing by and look at the “Year at a Glance” site and see if maybe you’d like to join me 🙂


3 thoughts on “Writing and Healing: A New Journey Begins

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    1. Hi Patrice,
      Thanks for the message. I agree. It’s been in connecting to others on the path to healing that I’ve grown by leaps and bounds. What I’ve realized is that those powerful others are wounded as well, but they (for whatever reason) either don’t know it and/or are too afraid to look inward and take the journey. They are, in fact, unknowingly acting from their own shadow. Of course there are some unfazed people who have worked on their stuff, and seem unfazed because of it. It’s been amazing how many people I’ve met who I thought had it all and seemed so happy, only to find that their suffering was so similar to, and sometimes worse than, mine.
      I feel very honored to hear that you have found familiarity in this blog. It’s so easy to feel alone, so knowing that others feel the same helps “normalize” the whole process. You’re blog looks really great and I look forward to reading it. Thanks for the previous (longer) message and, let me know if it’s okay to approve it. If anyone writes personal info. I usually ask since approving it makes it a public comment post.

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