Breaking Bones

I was reflecting on 2011 and remembering how much had happened. I was living with my sister in a house and town that I outgrew years ago. I had a lawsuit against me which resulted in me filing for bankruptcy. I had an emotionally shattering relationship with someone who uprooted every childhood issue that crippled me. I had several injuries that brought up my feelings of abandonment and loneliness. And my job built up into a situation where I was overstressed due to feeling invisible and voiceless.

At the end of it all, I learned to reach out for support, understand that possibility is everywhere, re-connect with what I call “the infinite”, find my voice, return to creativity, and grow to understand that because there is only one of us here I am always supported.

The best way I sum up 2011 is in the example of bones being injured and not healing properly. The bones are then broken in order to correct the malformation.

2011 was the year in which my bones were broken.

From now on, may the lessons be gentler and may I only require band-aids.

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