Back on the Wagon

Like so many others this time of year, I’ve re-joined a gym to get back into some kind of healthy routine.
Me and exercise have had a long twisted history together. I was a fat baby and grew into a fat kid. Some weight sloughed off during puberty, but ultimately came back just in time for high school.
It wasn’t until my early 30’s that I committed to a healthy lifestyle, but even that wore off.
So here I am, on the brink of 40, and jumping back on the gym wagon again. I’m at my heaviest weight an I can feel the symptoms of excess weight on my body.
I’ve made many attempts to get back to my older healthy self, but each time i do, I get so sad at how out of shape I am that I give up. I know I can’t pick up where I left off, and starting slow is such a huge reminder of how far back I’ve fallen.
So this time around I’m taking it slow. Really slow. Plus I’m applying compassion and patience to the whole process. It’s not easy as my old inner critic is just loving this fertile soil.
In truth I’m getting myself use to the routine of going. A few minutes of cardio and a few rounds at a couple of machines are enough for now.
Progress not perfection.


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