This afternoon’s sermon at Inner Light was amazing. Every week I connect with something that Rev. Deborah Johnson is saying, but today was on another level.

I felt choked up through the whole thing and I felt a deeper understanding of the lessons I have been learning. Mainly the big letting go of old stories to make room for renewal, and how the ego gets in the way of that healing. This is exactly what I’ve been experiencing this past week in a big way.

For a lot of people, her talks may be too “woo-woo”, for others it may be to “church”. Sometimes I feel both ways, but most times I’m somewhere in between. The words “God” and “church” are still very loaded for me, and I still cringe when I hear them or even try to say them. This is due to the fact that I grew up with a very Catholic/punishing concept of both God and church. So I hear and say those words knowing that these words fall on others ears in the same way. At the same time, I know that in me is a greater understand of both that is bigger and more holistic than “civilized” human concepts. For me it goes back to more of an indigenous understanding that everything is everything.

What I appreciate about Rev. Deborah Johnson, is that she:

  1. Uses science to explain spirituality.
  2. Uses spirituality to explain science.
  3. References and draws connections from various religions and spiritual paths.
  4. Breaks down words linguistically, both in their current use and root traditional use.
  5. Gives examples from her personal journey.
  6. Is an activist for social justice.

Today’s service is up and if you are open to listen, check it out here: The actual sermon starts at 50:00.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Leon Maiolo
    Apr 01, 2012 @ 18:11:27

    Hi, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It is very sad that so many people have been turned from Jesus, by their Catholic or other denominational upbringing. God Bless You. Remember the true Gospel is Jesus is Love and loves us unconditionally.


  2. southernhon
    Apr 01, 2012 @ 18:20:05

    Rev. Johnson sounds awesome. I’m with you on the whole God and Church thing. I will listen to the sermon when I have more time.


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