Fear and Doubt

When I am on the brink of change/growth or a new __________, my old emotions (inner critic) rear their heads and gnash their teeth. It’s a familiar pattern of self-sabotage for many people. Thankfully this week has reminded me that, when I am feeling fear, doubt, or worry, I can allow those emotions to have a voice.

I have said before that every emotion wants to be acknowledged, and every emotion has a voice. These emotions have served us in some way throughout our lives. Many times these old voices/emotions provide us a deep comfort as they are so familiar.

When these old voices/emotions arise, we can ask them questions. For example, when we are feeling fear, we can ask the simple question of; “What are you afraid of?” or more complex questions such as: “When did I first meet you?”, “What are you trying to tell me?”, and “How have you served me?”

When these emotions have given you their answers, make sure you acknowledge their contributions, and thank them for being there for you.

In these moments I remind me emotions that we are working to maintain balance and that even if things don’t work out how we envision them, we will still be okay. If I do this with all my attention, I notice that those old voices are still there, but they are so much quieter. I am able to walk forward with a calmer mind and heart.

Ultimately, what we are doing is trying to break out of the pattern of “negative” emotions overwhelming us. I liken it to talking the emotions off the ledge. We are also learning how to stop cutting off pieces of ourselves, and consequently, love and care for ourselves completely. We are learning to be our own loving parent.

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