Understanding isn’t always necessary but…

I really need to understand something before deciding to act. As you can imagine, decision-making can take really long for me sometimes.

Over these last few days I am beginning to understand my boyfriend better. Where he’s coming from, his perspectives, etc. This information is helping me get a calmer and clearer vision of what we are working with, and what we need to know and see to determine if we want to keep this relationship going.

My perspective is that there is a lot of great things about our relationship. So much so that I think it’s worth some effort on our part to improve our communication with each other.

His perspective is that the issue of communication is too big a problem, and it’s over shadowing the great things about the relationship. It’s too much work to try to correct it, and easier to leave and find a relationship where he can have good communication.

We haven’t made any decisions about this (I don’t think so anyway), but I think it’s worth giving this time in order to make a decision from a place of clear vision and discernment, and not from places of anger, sadness, and/or rage.


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