Free Enneagram Teleseminar Series

I’d like to pass on to you, some information on a free enneagram teleseminar series starting this Monday, March 9. It will be hosted by Ben Saltzman, who also facilitated the Rise Up Break Through – Blast Off 2015 event I attended last month, and mentioned in recent posts. In this teleseminar series, Ben will be exploring the nine enneagram types and their blocks to a fuller, more positive life.

If you’ve read my most recent posts, you already know how much positive impact comes with learning about your enneagram type. I have learned, on a deeper level, how my type has contributed to holding myself back in life and relationships by perpetuating negative patterns specific to my type. Luckily, I have also learned what gifts my type has, and how to step into them more fully. The result? I have less fear in pursuing my goals, clearer visions of what I truly want for my life, a more positive outlook, work on a deeper level with counseling clients, and have a more connected, loving relationship with myself. If you’ve read any of my posts, you know what an immense healing journey it has been these last few years. Learning about the enneagram, and my type has played a significant role in my healing journey.

This is why I am excited for you to have this opportunity to join in on this free enneagram teleseminar series. Although the information itself valuable, you will also be learning from Ben Saltzman, an amazing facilitator who will hold a fun and safe space throughout the journey. He blends heart and soul to his thorough knowledge of the enneagram, resulting in a truly unique experience.

Wether you are looking to deepen yourself-awareness or take your career to the next level, I HIGHLY recommend registering for this event. If you are a coach, counselor, or intuitive and would like to work with clients on a deeper level, then I ESPECIALLY recommend that join in on the event. For all my fellow ACA folks, this is a great opportunity to learn how to re-parent in a deep deep way.

For more information, and to register, go to:


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