A New Edeavor

It has been a long, strange, and winding path to here. Here being the place where I step out of many comfort zones to birth my coaching practice.

I live in Santa Cruz, which is basically the land of people who work for themselves. Masseuses, Consultants, Dietitians, Trainers, and, oh yes, COACHES!!

I am in my second year of earning my hours towards state licensure as a therapist, and although I could start doing the work of finding private practice clients as an intern, I decided to shift things a bit into the coaching field.

In coaching there is  more freedom in what I want to offer and how I offer it. Freedom is something that is essential to me, so coaching feels like the perfect fit to finally putting together all the experiences I have gained in my own healing journey.

This is what I am offering, a 4-month women’s program “Radiant Self-Care for Self Trust and Loving Relationships” where we work 1-1 to identify and clear limiting beliefs, deepen your self awareness, love for self-, and self-worth, identify what you want for your life, the needs that need to be met in order to move towards that life, and finally, the skills needed to take action!

The program incorporates assertive communication skills, transformational self-care practices, art and other forms of creativity, and tapping into natures rhythms for deep support.

For more information, check out my coaching website: http://www.medicinanepantla.com/

If you are on Facebook, you can find me there at: https://www.facebook.com/Marta-Aguilar-Transformation-Coach-947985158572386/?pnref=story

Much Love!




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