Saying Goodbye, Part 4: Difference in Perspective

Monday came with no improvement and my father was taken to the Emergency Room via ambulance. It was a rush of fear that went through me as I followed the ambulance to the hospital. By this time my father's condition was pretty bad. He was mostly unresponsive with eyes closed and mouth open. His cough... Continue Reading →


“Get Over it Already!”

In the first half of 2010, I was in the depths of my depression and anxiety. I was on a leave of absence from work, having consistent suicidal thoughts, inert, had no appetite, and prone to fits of spontaneous crying. I was receiving counseling, medication management, going for daily walks, receiving care from a naturopathic doctor,... Continue Reading →


I've been thinking about this concept of setting boundaries and not enabling others harmful behaviors. It's a little confusing because growing up, my family didn't practice setting boundaries. Rules and demands were created from frustration, hurt, anger, or disappointment. These rules and requests were a big "No" that separated us from each other. As an... Continue Reading →


There is a man who lives his life with a deep fidelity to family. His commitment to his family is so deep that he considered it his life duty and extends his commitment beyond his immediate family. His desire is to be loved and accepted for everything he has done. There is a woman who,... Continue Reading →

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