Re-Adjusting: Resurrection and Transformation

If you have ever experienced the death (or loss) of a loved one, you know that your life becomes a series of firsts. First birthday without them, first holiday, first year, and so on. So here I am in my first month without him. These last 30-days have been a slow drip through the surreal.... Continue Reading →


Saying Goodbye, Part 11: Earthquakes and Landscapes

I awoke on Wednesday to my first day home without my father. I had spent the greater part of February in his home 3-hours away, in an unexpected whirlwind of emotional chaos, intense vulnerability, and the eventual release of him as I watched him being taken away for cremation. I know enough to not expect... Continue Reading →


My beloved brother passed away on May 4th. I left work early to make the 3 hour drive to see him. A week prior he looked better and was a bit more responsive than my initial visit to him in the hospital. But he also wasn't eating, and barely drinking. There was no IV, and... Continue Reading →


Since things have settled a bit in the drama department, I'm feeling some anxiety. My therapist asks me how much of it do I think is a) me stirring the pot (ACA trait of being addicted to excitement/stress/drama, chaos, etc.), and how much of it is b) feeling more due to the stillness. I tell... Continue Reading →

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