A Deeper Call to Being Child-Free

I knew from the age of 4 that I did not want to have children. "I'm going to have puppies!" was my declaration every time someone imposed their kid-wanting assumptions on me (when I was just a kid myself. Why do people do that?). Throughout my childhood, I didn't like dolls and preferred stuffed animals.... Continue Reading →


Shame Relapse

It's safe to say that most of my life has been lived from a pessimistic viewpoint.  Glass half-full was my default and Murphy’s Law governed my outlook. I strongly believed that optimistic people were living in a fantasy world and sorely needing a swift kick in the ass from reality. My ever increasing depression and... Continue Reading →

The Mystery of Language

An exercise from "One Year of Writing and Healing": http://www.oneyearofwritingandhealing.com/one_year_writing_and_heal/2006/10/writing_and_hea_1.html I remember enjoying writing. I believe it came easy to me. I think it was because it was very structured with the use of the wide ruled writing paper. I remember writing the letters out very slowly and methodically. It was more like drawing than... Continue Reading →

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